Succession pipelines and talent pools are essential for any business to be able to continue to grow and expand. Ensuring you have the right people in the right position is often the difference between success or failure. To ensure that talent and potential are being identified and developed; transitional programmes to move people from one ‘level’ to the next are invaluable.

We offer programmes from Induction through to Senior Management and they all focus on developing self awareness, specific skill-sets, behaviours, core competencies and the knowledge required for that level. The programmes identify both strengths and gaps for next level development, allowing people to move around the business when necessary with the minimum of disruption.

These programmes also help to establish and grow a culture within the business where self-development is seen as an individual’s responsibility and colleagues are inspired and interested to look for alternative development methods. They experience a blended learning approach that takes into account individual learning styles rather than just a ‘sheep dip’ approach. The results include:

  • helping companies to connect strategy to daily work,

  • delivering value more efficiently to customers,

  • enabling people to contribute to the best of their ability

  • discovering new ways of working

These all link to an organisation’s long-term health and efficiency

When organisations follow a rigorous approach to transformation and take more actions, the overall success rate improves dramatically. These practices include communicating effectively, leading actively, empowering employees, and creating an environment of continuous improvement so organisations can keep their performance from stagnating (or even regressing) once a transformation’s goals are met. By implementing continuous-improvement activities that enable the organisation to look regularly for new and better ways to work, they double their chance of successfully sustaining improvements   ”McKinsey Global Research